Mobile Resource Tracking Solution versus Time Tracking

Konnexuss has developed a time tracking software solution that is said to be 50% faster than any other solutions on the market today.


How It Works

Users of our software are able to use their own mobile phones to track their own time. The client administrators have the ability to view their employees location,time patterns, timesheets, and reports through the admin portal.

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Assign your employees to projects

Through Konnexuss's web-based admin portal you have the ability to assign employees, supervisors, executive managment to have have access to what projects.

Pick a Subscription Plan
Pick a Subscription Plan

Pick a subscription plan.

With the flexibility of Konnexuss subscription plans; Lite, Base, Standard, Premium, Enterprise, you select which features you need for your project, teams, and employees to make sure time spent on your project is accurate.

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Track progress of all the projects your company is working on, along with the exact employees who are assigned to each project.

Check In

Employees can easily use their mobile phones to check-in on the job site and once they are on the location, the app will notify you and will have the option to send messages through the app to the employee regarding things like weather, the job task at hand, or why they weren't on time.

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Our software allows you to see the location of each employee punch in and punch out location in proximity of the project geo fence.

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